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At UK Rubber we have over 40 years’ experience within the waste management sector and are committed to improving the way in which tyres are currently recycled - creating a clean environment for everyone is our mission.

We are proud to be rejuvenating Glasgow’s Motherwell facility to be Scotland’s first industrial scale, tyre recycling plant. Investing in both cutting edge processes and people to meet the environmental waste management challenges associated with the UK’s 50k tonnes of waste tyres per year.

UK Rubber is a bio technology solutions provider specialising in the recycling of end of life waste tyres. We are investing heavily in the tyre waste management process of the future; cryogenics and separation allowing us to achieve a full circular economy for waste tyres and expect this to be on-stream soon. Presently we have the plant to bale and shred 14k tonnes of tyres p/hr, allowing them to be re-used immediately.

If you’re operating in Scotland and would like to reduce your organisations carbon emissions by reducing the transportation distance of your end of life tyres, please contact us to discuss your needs further.

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