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Our Partners

We believe in working collaboratively to achieve results; recycling waste tyres as efficiently as possible and not re-inventing the wheel. Therefore, we are proud to be working with experts in their fields.

North Lanarkshire Council’s (NLC) Employability Service, North Lanarkshire’s Working (NLW) and Routes to Work (RtW)

north lanarkshire's working

Investing in people and our local communities is going to be key to our success, therefore we were pleased to join forces with like-minded organisations; North Lanarkshire Council’s (NLC) Employability Service, North Lanarkshire’s Working (NLW), and Routes to Work (RtW).

Whilst we were busy ramping up our operations, RtW were able to match our new roles to local candidates who were keen to get back to work. Hosting a joint recruitment Open Day was a great way to kick off our recruitment campaign and for potential candidates to visit our site, learning more about us and our work.

RtW supports candidates with training to meet the immediate requirements of their new role, and UKR will build on this foundation, investing in a long-term competency development training program for the team.


Butterly Logistics

butterly logistics

At UKR we are committed to minimising our carbon footprint and aligning our operations with our supply chain as closely as possible as we grow. However, some freight is inevitable and for this purpose we are delighted to be working with Butterly Logistics to optimise our freight and logistics, simultaneously reducing both our overheads and emissions.

Through Butterly’s waste brokering channels, we have contracts in place to deliver Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) feedstock where and when it’s needed.

Gradeall International Ltd

gradeall international ltd

As a global brand, Gradeall now supplies its high-quality, fully guaranteed recycling machinery products to manufacturing businesses all around the world, including the UK, the US, Australia, South Africa, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the EU.

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